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12 Facebook Ad Examples You Wish You Made

Hello readers!

In this week’s post, we will be examining the marketing content on Facebook. You may notice an ad here or there while scrolling through your feed, but have you ever really realized all the different ways that companies attempt to reach you through the social platform?

Facebook offers a variety of different ways for brands to create marketing content in an attempt to reach their audience. Per Hootsuite, these marketing efforts can include link click ads, video ads, boosted page posts, carousel ads, dynamic product ads, lead ads, page like ads, offer claims, and more (AdEspresso, n.d.). For the majority of us, it would be likely that we come across many (if not all) of these marketing tactics during our daily Facebook browsing session.

Let’s take a closer look at these different types of Facebook ads and some personal examples that I have come across.

Let’s start with link click ads. This is probably the most common ad one will see on Facebook. This typically involves a company posting a clickable link that takes the user to their blog or landing page. This ad works best for increasing website traffic as well as page likes. The link click ad can feature text, a picture, or a video (AdEsspresso, n.d.). On my personal Facebook, it didn’t take but a few scrolls on my mouse to find a link click ad. The particular one I ran into was for DIFF sunglasses. The ad featured a short clip and a link taking you directly to their online store.

Moving on, we turn to boosted page posts. Boosted page posts allow a company to “boost” any post they make on their timeline, increasing the reach of their post. Additionally, they are able to target exactly who sees their post and exactly how much money is spent on the boosted posts. Again, this ad is effective in driving users to a website or landing page. These ads are identified in your feed with a “sponsored” note on top of the post. They can include text, picture, or video, and are, again, probably the most common ad you will see in your feed (AdEsspresso, n.d.). On my personal feed, there was a sponsored ad, just 2 posts down, for a skincare company called Paula’s Choice (a brand I have researched in the past). This post included information about a new product, a short informational clip, and a link to the company’s website.

Next, we look at ads focused on driving sales and leads.

We will start with carousel ads. I am sure many of you have seen these, although personally, I tend to see them more on my Instagram feed. The carousel ads allow a company to feature up to ten ads in one post. The images or videos scroll from right to left. This is typically used by companies seeking to promote multiple products from their online store. It is effective for seeing what specifically attracts leads with their targeted audience (AdEsspresso, n.d.). On my personal feed, it took quite a bit of scrolling before I finally found a carousel ad. The one I found was for (yet another) skincare company called Origins. The ad featured five slides including four featured products (with their name, price, and a link to purchase) and one slide with a special offer and a link to the company’s webpage.

Dynamic product ads target users based on their previous browsing history, likes, and other interactions with a company’s website or application. Delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right person, allows a brand to better connect with their audience while increasing conversions, click-through rate, and ultimately, revenue. Dynamic product ads will find users (based on their previous actions) and display the brand’s selected message/product (AdEsspresso, n.d.).

On my personal feed, I believe many of the ads I run into are dynamic product ads that have been selected for me based on my previous interactions with companies and browsing history. For example, there are ads on my feed from companies where I have actually browse their website, like HYLETE (a fitness apparel company) and there are also ads from company’s I have never heard of before but relate to my interests like Ollie (a dog food company). Additionally, Facebook allows personal users to click on ads and see “why am I seeing this ad?” When I did this for Ollie, it said I was seeing the ad “based on my activity such as liking Pages or clicking on ads.” Try it for your self, it is pretty interesting!

These are just a few of the many types of ads one will see on Facebook. Hootsuite goes into much greater depth, on their AdEspresso page, describing the various Facebook ads.

In addition to these advertisements, I have also received marketing content through Messenger. This typically required me to “opt-in” to a company’s promotions for one reason or another. However, I usually quickly become bombarded with marketing content and opt back out. Finally, users are exposed to marketing content through right-side ads. These are sponsored ads that are stationed on the right side of the users feed. For me, personally, these typically consist of larger companies where I have recently viewed their website (like Ulta), or companies with products that I may be interested in based on my likes and interests (like a dog toy company).

I find right-side ads to be the least effective because they typically get tuned out while I am scrolling through my feed. In addition, I typically opt-out of Messenger ads quite quickly. This leaves newsfeed ads. I may interact with these ads, from time to time, if the product or promotion peaks my interest!

Which type of marketing content do you see the most in your feed? Which do you interact with the most? I am so curious!

Until next time my bodacious blog browsers!




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